Just Be You!

Just Be You, in everything you do - as you grow your business – stay true to You!

At Busy Bee Networking we've been looking at what motivates us to do what we do... why do we set up our businesses, where does our passion come from and who are the ideal clients we want to work with?

There are a few common themes that come up again and again....

BE TRUE TO YOU – It’s your business, run it your way Advice is good but remember it comes from another person’s perspective. Listening is good, adapting is good but replicating exactly what another business does will not always work the same for you!

FAILURE IS A GOOD TEACHER We all make mistakes and thankfully that's how we improve what we do! Once you learn you can trust yourself (trust your expertise and believe in your unique abilities) that's when you harness the confidence to ‘own’ your business and run it as you see fit!

YOU'VE GOT PASSION! Many of us set up businesses because we’re passionate about what we do and the drive to develop our services comes from a deep concern for our clients’ needs. so what we do is very closely wrapped up in who we are and what we care deeply about.

BE PREPARED It’s not so easy when someone questions what you do or criticises what you say or how you run your business. In those moments, it’s all too easy to lose sight of why you do what you do – it’s easy to be swayed by what others say you ‘should’ do. Get ready - bee prepared to take on the world – package up what you offer and stay true to who you are.

MY ADVICE (...now this is just advice, it works for me…) Do yourself a favour - Revisit the basics of your business and get your story straight – you know why you do what you do, what you’re passionate about and what drives you to work with your ideal clients. You know what they love about engaging in business with you and you know why they choose you over the competition.

OWN IT - VALUE IT & BELIEVE IN IT! Listen to your heart, listen to your favourite clients and make it clear to the world what you do and why you do it your way. Own it, value it and believe in it!

When you do this, you communicate with Confidence and Conviction AND you are prepared when someone questions or criticises you. Your self-belief and self-assurance both protect you and guide you, as you respond.

SHOOT FOR THE STARS Taking a leaf from a successful business woman's book (Naomi Gilmour).

We are all super heroes – as business owners, we can all aim high and shoot for the stars! But our super hero cape doesn’t just help us soar, it guards us in the certainty of who we are and why we choose to do what we do.


I started Busy Bee Networking because I love helping women find their voice, their certainty and their confidence. I can see it in the women I meet, I can hear it in what they say. They have passion, drive and dreams of success... they have uncertainty too which gets worked out over time as they develop their offering and build up their business.

Bust Bee Networking is for Women running businesses around busy family lives I want to continue to offer women running businesses a friendly, safe and constructive environment in which to grow their business. I want to continue to see the changes that liberate the dreams and make them a reality. But most of all I want to continue to see the support and generosity the Busy Bees show to each other as you all work to make a success of running your own business as you grow it around your busy family life.

You run your business – do it your way, and at Busy Bee Networking you will continue to get all the help you need along the way!

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