The Power of Women in Business

At this time of the year how many of you busy business women feel the pressure to jump straight out of the Christmas madness and charge into the new year with inflated power and purpose? And with all the discussion of setting goals and planning for growth, how many of you feel an added expectation to hit the ground running despite the challenges and changes you face? No wonder many of us feel frozen to the spot and unsure how to get started in 2018!

Instead of rushing in, maybe its a time to rekindle your power and slowly and thoughtfully charge up your plans… This season at Busy Bee Networking we’ll be working on your business and helping you to review and craft your vision for the future and focus on your next stage of growth; We’ll explore the changes to your business – your clients and the market you operate in; and finally we’ll work with you as you track progress of your goals over time and we’ll monitor what blocks you from achieving success and together we’ll develop strategies for achieving solid business growth.

Over the coming weeks we’ll focus on…

  • The Power of Vision – setting goals and planning for growth

  • The Power of Change – managing challenges and changes – learning and adapting to changing market and customer needs

  • The Power of Growth – keeping track on achieving goals – what blocks progress and developing strategies for growth

Dates & Times: Busy Bee Networking starts back in Hale on Tuesday 9th of January and Chorlton on the 16th of January.

  • Follow up meetings Hale – 23rd January and 6th February

  • Follow up meetings Chorlton – 30th January and 13th February

Everyone is welcome to join the Busy Bee Networking Members for any of the meetings – simply go to the meetings an events page, select the event you'd like to attend and reserve your place – it's just £10 per session for non-members (don't forget members can attend as many meetings as they like at now extra cost!) – for more details email me on

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new Busy Bees in 2018 and helping lots of women running businesses around busy family lives – come and join us and we’ll get working on your business!

All the best for an amazing 2018!

Lots of love

Caroline x

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