Action changes things

Talk to any small business owner in the bloom of their business and you’ll hear raw passion, inspiration and a definite desire to achieve. Many business owners I meet, tell me how they find themselves doing something they never really dreamed of doing but something they can’t imagine not doing! You just have to scratch the surface and sure enough you’ll find it’s no coincidence they do what they do.

Passion can motivate you to follow your dreams or answer a calling but running a business and being responsible for every decision can dull the edge or knock the wind out of your sails from time to time!

At Busy Bee Networking this season we are focused on shining up your passion and reawakening your love affair with the business you run! We’re going to help you realign your motivation and direct all your efforts to making a difference, going the extra mile and delighting your customers by offering them the best customer service ever!

At the weekly sessions we will look at how you can go the extra mile and make a difference with your business and explore strategies for improving business activities and trying something new. Should you play it safe with your core business activities or explore alternatives? Are you up to speed with your customers’ changing needs, and how can you be sure they are delighted with the service you offer?

Remember it’s no coincidence you do what you do – so let’s shine up your passion for your business and make a difference, for you, your customers and the world you work in!

Make a Difference with your Business, push the boat out, go the extra mile and give great customer service!

Book your place at any of the upcoming events – members and non-members are always welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you at a Busy Bee Networking meeting soon.

All the best,

Caroline x

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