Caroline Evers BA MA 

Caroline founded Busy Bee Networking in 2008 to support women running their own businesses. Prior to this, she worked in a variety of marketing roles within international companies such as Nike, Levi Strauss and Dockers.

As well as managing Busy Bee Networking, Caroline is an Entrepreneurship Lecturer at MMU. She is also studying for a PhD in Gender, Enterprise and Mentoring, in which she is preparing female students for gendered workplaces and developing and retaining female talent in business.

In her own words..

I am a Networking and Marketing expert, with demonstrated experience in branding, targeting and communication for corporate and small business development. With an ex-corporate marketing professional and as the current owner of Busy Bee Networking (since 2008), I now offer and facilitate support, direction and connections for success to ex corporate and professional women running businesses around busy lives.

As an entrepreneurship lecturer and PhD researchers at MMU with interest in Gender, Enterprise & Mentoring, I prepare female students for gendered workplaces and help to develop and retain female talent in the business world.

In my corporate marketing experience I spent many years in branding, targeting and communication working for brand leaders such as Levi Strauss & Co., Dockers Europe and Nike Europe. I learned the value of clear branding and targeted communications. Knowing who you are and what you offer may sound simple but many small business owners resist defining and focusing their efforts on a definite target market. Your Ideal customer needs to know what to expect if they engage in business with you and your reputation depends on you delivering on your promise.

I’m a brand expert through and through, not just because of my experience but because of my passion and desire for solutions that help businesses succeed. I help women running businesses to get a clear direction for the future of your business, focus on the right goals and stay on track to success.

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