Caroline Evers

Founder of Busy Bee Networking

Networking that fits into your life

Busy Bee Networking was founded in 2008 by Caroline Evers to offer support, direction and connections for success, to women running businesses alongside their many commitments. Caroline recognised that most women run their businesses to fit around their lives: juggling work, family, hobbies and their households - and wanted a networking group that is as flexible as they are! Many of the members and attendees have children, so meetings are held and during the day and in term time, to accommodate pick up and drop off at school or childcare provider. Caroline always selects wonderful venues that serve great refreshments!  


Our ethos

Busy Bee Networking business networking meetings are held every Tuesday, 10am to 12 noon (during term time) at Piccolino Hale and The Elk of Chorlton alternately. Hosted by Caroline herself, the meetings' discussions  are themed every week around topics that are relevant and inspiring to small business owners. Check our 'Meeting and Events' page for details of what's coming up next. Members and non-members are welcome to attend - please feel free to drop by.


Meetings are informal, with plenty of time to chat, share advice and ask questions. Everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves and their business if they would like to. Nobody is under any pressure; and while it's only natural to feel nervous when attending a meeting for the first time, it's really not necessary as the Busy Bees are always welcoming and understanding! This is great way for busy entrepreneurs to meet other like-minded, successful and generous business women. It's a forum to share advice and experiences and discuss ongoing business issues, while developing long lasting, successful working relationships.

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